Sinner Like Me

Pain is inevitable - suffering is optional

As men, we all experience difficult thoughts and feelings. We often try to suppress the way we feel, distracting ourselves with excessive alcohol, drugs, food, exercise order to avoid our pain. 

With 3/4 of all suicides being men, we need to find a meaningful way of to reduce internal suffering.


Being a man in today’s world

Cultural expectations and social values shape our behaviour, beliefs, and choices. As these have changed over the years, what happens if we can’t change and adapt?

As men we often lack the ability to express ourselves. We’ve  not learned how, or had a place, to talk openly. We keep our feelings and emotions locked up, unable to express them, leading to internal conflict, self doubt, and deteriorating mental health.


Men are being told what not to be, what not to do, and what not to say

But not what to be, do, or say instead. We’re told that we’re privileged, but it doesn’t feel that way. We didn’t oppress anybody, so why are we being punished for the sins of our forefathers?

How do we process the feelings of guilt and shame that we are made to feel without becoming frustrated, angry or depressed?.   


Masculinity under question

It’s about being responsible, ambitious, strong and brave. Having a role, as a leader and protector.

Instead, it has become linked with toxicity. So how are we supposed to behave in today’s society?.

What do we do if our natural masculine drive is not welcomed?.

Let's find a way forward